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Timber Plant Containers

Wood is versatile and has a natural beauty which can be enhanced using stains and varnishes. Although suitable for inside and outside displays, care must be taken to protect the timber from damp compost. Unless hardwood is used a varnish or paint is recommended and GRP on the inside. Most of our timber units are made on request although we do stock some Versailles squares and troughs.
Western Red Cedar Troughs

Western Red Cedar Planters

Size: 2000 x 600 x 600 mm 600 x 600 x 600 mm

Versailles Range

Sizes: Code Length Width Height T1 450 450 450 T2 600 600 600 T3 1000 400 400
Western Red Cedar Troughs Western Red Cedar Troughs Versailles Range Versailles Range Versailles Range
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Bespoke sizes are readily available.
Western Red Cedar Planters Western Red Cedar Planters
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Images here show a Circular Planter 1000mm diameter by 1100 mm high made from Sapele, a beautiful hardwood from the Mahogany family. Most of our timber planters are built onto a tough GRP carcass which takes all the strain away from the decorative wood. This planter is the same ensuring a strong barrier between the Sapele and damp compost. Other heights are available and smaller diameters.

Decking Planters

Decking Planters are made from timber decking planks screwed and glued onto a timber frame and stained to the client’s needs. Castors can be included for manoeuvrability and locks to hold in position. For live planting GRP liners are included which prevents the timber rotting from within.