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Planting Tips

Which material should I use?

GRP, Glass Reinforced Plastic, can be used for Interior and Exterior projects, it is strong, watertight and light weight. Ideal for roof gardens where access is difficult and weight saving essential.  Will not be damaged by frost and readily accepts different paint finishes. Rotationally Moulded Plastic, has similar characteristics as GRP although it is tougher, the finish is dull or matt and paint will not easily stick to it. Galvanised Steel is ideal for Exterior Landscaping where an urban look is required.  Although shiny to start with these planters will dull down. Aluzinc is a galvanised steel but it does not dull with time or show ‘water’ marks. Both can be fabricated to bespoke shapes and sizes without adding prohibitive costs, they are not watertight. Timber or wooden planters look great in the right place but may need painting or staining. Stainless Steel can be used outside as well as inside, it will not rust but can corrode!  This is down to chemicals in the compost (e.g. fertiliser) so we recommend a plastic liner used or GRP. Mild Steel is cheaper but needs to be powder coated inside and out or GRP lined. Bespoke sizes can be made and they are seamless.
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