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Garden Furniture, Artificial Water

Features, Rocks and Fossils

Enhance your garden design, roof terrace or landscape with artificial rocks, fossils and water features. GRP has no limits! Let your imagination flow… it is the perfect media as it is water tight, robust, maintenance free and is available in any size, shape or colour. And check out our exclusive sculptured granite furniture!

Water Features

Whether you are going for a contemporary look or something more traditional, the durable properties of GRP are perfect. Why not design your own unique water feature and let us make it for you, as well as natural looking stones we have feature moulds that can be incorporated into your design (shown above in the main photograph is a 2.5m x 2m waterfall, this can be manufactured in any colour rock).   Our GRP Troughs and Bowls can be adapted to hold water on a large or small scale. We can also make bespoke waterfalls built from Corten Steel Troughs.
Water features -

Artificial Rocks

Artificial rocks can be made to any size and any colour. Exclusive to Europlanters, The Pinnacle is an ideal rock sculpture for the garden or hard landscaping area inside or out (see thumbnail on the left). Made from Glass Reinforce Plastic or Glass reinforced gypsum this product weighs less than 10 Kg making it easily transportable and will last for many many years. This artificial rock stands at 900 mm high with a base of 350 x 400 mm and comes in a choice of four colours (pictured from left to right): Limestone , Sandstone, Bedrock and Volcanic The Pinnacle can be used as a water feature - for a small extra charge a copper pipe is fitted inside allowing a simple hose connection.

Artificial Fossils

This is an artificially moulded fossil but it looks and feels so authentic you can hardly tell the difference! Kids love fossils so why not add some intrigue into your home or garden. Ammonites were on our planet some 350 million years ago! These are either made from Fibre Glass (wall mounting) or cast with sand to add weight for the flower bed or rockery. Please choose a colour and request light or heavy moulding. Fossils can also be built into bespoke water features
Water features - bespoke design Water features - GRP Bowls Water features - GRP Bowls Water features - bespoke design Water features - Corten Steel Artificial rocks Artificial rocks Artificial rocks Artificial rocks Artificial Fossils Artificial Fossils Artificial Fossils Artificial fossils

GRP Garden Furniture

These stunning pieces of 'sculptured' GRP Furniture are exclusively manufactured by Europlanters. Being lightweight the furniture can be moved easily but through the design shape and internal bracing the table and chairs are extremely strong. These products will last a lifetime! The furniture comprises a single garden seat, a double seat and a table. All can be purchased separately depending on your requirements. However a set made up of a table, two single seats and two double seats will attract a discount and have free delivery in the UK.
Granite Garden Furniture Granite Garden Furniture Granite Garden Furniture Granite Garden Furniture Granite Garden Furniture Granite Garden Furniture Granite Garden Furniture
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