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To enable you to get the most out of our planters, we stock a variety of related products - including leaf shine, coloured pebbles and Mona plant systems - to help you provide the complete service to your clients. See also - Root Refreshers - a new innovative plant watering system from Europlanters.

Mona Plant Systems

These plastic tanks hold water near to the root ball and slow down the process of evaporation. Thus reducing maintenance costs and plant loss. MPS can be utilised in both interior and exterior plant displays. The circular tanks are aimed at single specimen displays usually in round planters. The rectangular tanks are for troughs and can be linked for larger display beds. All the tanks work on the principal of capillary action and prevent over watering from the top. They have an indicating float and allow oxygen to reach the roots. Pictured right is an MT 24 (24 lt tank) buried just below the ivy root system to provide moisture during the dry season. Call the office for help and advice on linked systems The photo on the left shows two Mona Tank 7's linked with flexible hose and one down pipe, providing a combined water reservoir of 14 litres. The down pipe can be cut down to suite the trough height, there is an indicating float in the pipe. Also note the 'hydroleca' used as a drainage medium, this needs to be at least 75mm. Compost is put into the risers which draws the water up by capillary action. There are small holes in the other round stoppers allowing air to circulate the roots. Code Volume Tank Tank Size (mm) MT1 1 Circular 150 x 65 Deep MT1.5 1.5 Circular 180 x 65 Deep MT2 2 Circular 210 x 65 Deep MT3 3 Rectangle 500 x 125 x 65 Deep MT4 4 Circular 240 c 100 Deep MT6 6 Circular 240 x 150 Deep MT7 7 Rectangle 550 x 150 x 100 Deep MT10 10 Circular 385 x 100 Deep MT24 24 Rectangle 900 x 200 x 150 Deep .

Leaf Shine, Hydroleca, and

Capillary Matting

Polyethylene Liners

Polyethylene Liners are now in stock and available in several sizes. Their flexibility allows lining of square as well as round planters. These are ideal for lifting the planting depth in any type of tall planter using a lightweight medium (polystyrene) and or hydroleca (see above) for support. The liners are low cost, less than £5 + vat.
How to plant tall planters Mona Tank Plant Systems Mona Tank Plant Systems Mona Tank Plant Systems Leaf Shine, Hydroleca, and Capillary Matting Leaf Shine, Hydroleca, and Capillary Matting
Code Description Size/mm CM Capillary Matting L Hydroleca 50lt Bags LS1 Leafshine 600ml Can LS2 Leafshine Case of 12 Cans
Polyethylene Liners Polyethylene Liners
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